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Small Vessel made from Daylily and Iris leaves.

Paper Fan

Twig Frame.  Background papers made from Shasta Daisy stems and Iris leaves.

Twig Frame Collage

You have arrived at this site because you have in interest in how to make handmade paper, are looking to buy handmade paper, or just looking for creative ideas for handmade paper.

Paper Gardens Rock! strives to offer each visitor what they are searching for.

You'll find information about papermaking; an opportunity to buy paper and papermaking supplies; and some ideas of what to do with your handmade paper once you have it in your hands.

It has been said that gardening can extend your life. Be one with nature; plant a seed, watch it grow and you will be rewarded with it's fruits. Some garden for food, some garden for flowers and then there are those that garden for fiber.

Creation is food for the soul. Ever wonder why kids love art class so much? Because when they are done with that not so perfect painting, or the turkey made from an outline of their hand, they are proud of it. It's a sense of accomplishment, one which we all try to repeat throughout our lives.

Put these two together, gardening and creating, and chances are you'll have a long fulfilling life. Creating a piece of artwork with handmade paper, especially your own handmade paper, will touch all five of your senses.

Test your skills, push the limit and travel down roads unexpected. When you look back, you might be surprised at the roads you've taken. Don't be too surprised if one of those roads was actually a garden path.